Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Scott Sterling - best goalie of all times

In your English class or at home: Watch and enjoy this breathtaking video of an incredible penalty shootout in the American university soccer league. Have you ever seen players as nervous before shooting a penalty, and a magnificent and indestructible man between the goalposts like ... Scott Sterling - the epic one?? 
Here are some listening questions, in case you can remain calm enough to concentrate:

1 What´s the name of the first North Carolina player to shoot the penalty?
2 How fast is his shot? (in kilometers and miles :D )
3 What´s the name of North Carolina´s goalkeeper?
4 Can you lip-read what Scott Sterling is saying right before "saving" the 4th penalty?
5 What nickname do the crazy reporters give Scott Sterling at the very end of the shootout?

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