Monday 23 March 2015

INTERNATIONAL WEEK: Aitana meets Australia

That´s our (1st ESO English B1 class) video correspondence with the Redfield College from Dural (Sydney). Have a look!!
Aitana calling:
video made by Manuel Candela, Jorge López, 
Ricardo Mollá, Ignacio Piñas and Manuel Sureda

Redfield calling:
thanks to Don Félix Navarro and the Redfield students!!

Sunday 14 December 2014

All Together Now - The Christmas Peace Anthem from Great Britain

Have you heard of the peace truce in middle of the WW1 battlefield, in December 1914? And have you ever heard this song, "All Together Now", commemorating and telling this marvellous, and sadly very up-to-date, Christmas story? With your class and your teacher, listen to the new version of the song, recorded exactly a 100 years after Christmas 1914 by some of the most famous British artists. Would you be able to set such a sign of hope in the world of today?
BBC SERVICE: What really happened in the Christmas truce 1914?

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Scott Sterling - best goalie of all times

In your English class or at home: Watch and enjoy this breathtaking video of an incredible penalty shootout in the American university soccer league. Have you ever seen players as nervous before shooting a penalty, and a magnificent and indestructible man between the goalposts like ... Scott Sterling - the epic one?? 
Here are some listening questions, in case you can remain calm enough to concentrate:

1 What´s the name of the first North Carolina player to shoot the penalty?
2 How fast is his shot? (in kilometers and miles :D )
3 What´s the name of North Carolina´s goalkeeper?
4 Can you lip-read what Scott Sterling is saying right before "saving" the 4th penalty?
5 What nickname do the crazy reporters give Scott Sterling at the very end of the shootout?

Saturday 12 April 2014

PHRASE BOOK QUIZ (2nd trimester)

Are you ready for the second edition of the Phrase Book Quiz?
If you want to win a wonderful prize, just find the 5 Phrase Book phrases represented below and send the phrases  and the page numbers to the English department:







Thanks a lot to our Aitana actors!
Good luck, and happy Easter holidays to all readers!

Thursday 3 April 2014

2nd trimester - 10 new phrases for your "My Phrases" section (UPDATE: Audios included)

Don´t forget to update your Phrase Book with the latest phrases suggested by your ESO schoolmates.

1 My shoe is splitting. May I wear my sneakers in class?

(Mi zapato se está rompiendo. ¿Puedo ponerme mis zapatillas de deporte en clase? )
Shall I change the board rubber cloth?

(¿Quiere que cambie la tela del borrador? )
3 Would you like to buy a lottery ticket?

( ¿Quiere comprar una papeleta de lotería? )
4  My pen has exploded and now there´s ink on my desk.
( Mi boli ha explotado y hay tinta ahora en mi mesa. )
Can I get the table cleaner?
( ¿Puedo ir a coger el limpiador de la mesa? )
6.  Shall I set up the computer?

( ¿Enciendo el ordenador? )
Someone has hidden my pencil case. I´m going to look for it. 
( Alguien ha escondido mi estuche. Voy a buscarlo. )
Why don´t we put some music on? 
( ¿Por qué no ponemos música? )
9  I´ve got two Diego Costa cards. You can have this one.
( Tengo dos cromos de Diego Costa. Puedes tener uno. )
10  My head´s stuffy and my nose is running. I´ve caught a cold. 

( Tengo la cabeza pesada y mocos en mi nariz. Me he constipado.)

Big thanks to our English speakers: Álvaro and Pablo (2nd ESO)!!!

Wednesday 2 April 2014

ENGLISH WEEK: English pop songs

Time for Brit-Pop! Here are the English songs we´re going to listen to in class this week.

Our top-DJ Brokis (Cristian) prepared two awesome remixes for two absolute classics of contemporary UK-pop/rock. The soundtrack for your holiday party? ENJOY 

Tuesday 1 April 2014

ENGLISH WEEK: A butcher´s on Cockney

The English Week has started. Here´s one of our classroom activities: Learning how to speak perfect Cockney, the funny East London dialect. Enjoy!!!

Saturday 22 March 2014

Stop idling - learn idioms!

Some expressions for the classroom, for the phrase book, and for a really good level of English.


Sunday 9 March 2014

"F-R-I-D-A-Y" - an acrostic

Final day of work and first day to
Relax with your friends.
If you don´t have a project for any
Day of the weekend, you can call a friend
And go to the cinema or visit somebody, because
Yes! This day is to be enjoyed :)


(image source:

Saturday 15 February 2014


The first edition of the PHRASE BOOK Quiz is completed!
Here are our lucky (and competent) winners:
Top prize: PEDRO (2nd ESO) - 100th issue of the famous football magazine "KICK!"
Second prize: MIGUEL (1st ESO) - the current issue of "MATCH OF THE DAY"
We are the Champions: Pedro (left) and Miguel (right)
Here´s the correct solution of the quiz:
PHRASE 1: "Not too bad today." (Page 67)
PHRASE 2: "It's so hot... Let's move to the shade." (Page 41)
PHRASE 3: "Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you." (Page 42)
PHRASE 4: "I´ve got a stomach ache." (Page 32)
PHRASE 5: "That's the school bell!" (Page 44)