Friday, 20 December 2013

PHRASE BOOK QUIZ (1st trimester)

Can you find the 5 Phrase Book phrases represented below ?
Send the phrases and the page number to the English department:
and win a fantastic prize!!!






GOOD LUCK and....
to all our students and blog readers!
Your English Department

Classroom phrases - Listen and practice!

Do you remember and all the phrases from the posters on the walls of your classroom? Are you able to use them? Now practice their pronunciation with your schoolfellows Diego and Javi.
Would you like me to say the prayer?
Can I draw the curtains?
I haven´t done my homework, I´m really sorry.
I´d like to sharpen my pencil.
How do you say this in English?
How do you pronounce it?
How do you spell that?
Could you explain that again?
Would you mind switching on the board lights?
We´re finished, what should we do now?
Is there any homework?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

How to say it in a different way?

Tired of using again and again the same adjectives and verbs? Study this nice chart and improve your spoken and written texts!


A happy first week of Advent to all readers and learners!
Your English department

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Don´t stop talking English ... in your classroom

Our classrooms are prepared for taking off with our Phrase Book project!

Are YOU prepared?

OUT NOW: "Don´t stop talking in English" - The Aitana English Phrase Book

You´ve been waiting so long ... now you got it in your hands! Our wonderful, brilliant and highly useful phrase book - a result of almost two years of hard work by a group of Aitana students and teachers. 
Last week our headmaster, Mr Juan Mora, gave them out in our school´s ESO-classes, explaining why the book is so important and why it should be your constant companion from now on.
Enjoy it, love it,...and use it!!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

English Blog ON AIR

Dear Aitana family!
Good news from our department! This blog´s started and ready to enrich our many English activities with its fantastic functions! 
Enjoy your stay - and don´t hesitate to participate.
Your English department :D