Sunday, 17 November 2013

Don´t stop talking English ... in your classroom

Our classrooms are prepared for taking off with our Phrase Book project!

Are YOU prepared?

OUT NOW: "Don´t stop talking in English" - The Aitana English Phrase Book

You´ve been waiting so long ... now you got it in your hands! Our wonderful, brilliant and highly useful phrase book - a result of almost two years of hard work by a group of Aitana students and teachers. 
Last week our headmaster, Mr Juan Mora, gave them out in our school´s ESO-classes, explaining why the book is so important and why it should be your constant companion from now on.
Enjoy it, love it,...and use it!!!

Friday, 1 November 2013

English Blog ON AIR

Dear Aitana family!
Good news from our department! This blog´s started and ready to enrich our many English activities with its fantastic functions! 
Enjoy your stay - and don´t hesitate to participate.
Your English department :D