Saturday, 12 April 2014

PHRASE BOOK QUIZ (2nd trimester)

Are you ready for the second edition of the Phrase Book Quiz?
If you want to win a wonderful prize, just find the 5 Phrase Book phrases represented below and send the phrases  and the page numbers to the English department:







Thanks a lot to our Aitana actors!
Good luck, and happy Easter holidays to all readers!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

2nd trimester - 10 new phrases for your "My Phrases" section (UPDATE: Audios included)

Don´t forget to update your Phrase Book with the latest phrases suggested by your ESO schoolmates.

1 My shoe is splitting. May I wear my sneakers in class?

(Mi zapato se está rompiendo. ¿Puedo ponerme mis zapatillas de deporte en clase? )
Shall I change the board rubber cloth?

(¿Quiere que cambie la tela del borrador? )
3 Would you like to buy a lottery ticket?

( ¿Quiere comprar una papeleta de lotería? )
4  My pen has exploded and now there´s ink on my desk.
( Mi boli ha explotado y hay tinta ahora en mi mesa. )
Can I get the table cleaner?
( ¿Puedo ir a coger el limpiador de la mesa? )
6.  Shall I set up the computer?

( ¿Enciendo el ordenador? )
Someone has hidden my pencil case. I´m going to look for it. 
( Alguien ha escondido mi estuche. Voy a buscarlo. )
Why don´t we put some music on? 
( ¿Por qué no ponemos música? )
9  I´ve got two Diego Costa cards. You can have this one.
( Tengo dos cromos de Diego Costa. Puedes tener uno. )
10  My head´s stuffy and my nose is running. I´ve caught a cold. 

( Tengo la cabeza pesada y mocos en mi nariz. Me he constipado.)

Big thanks to our English speakers: Álvaro and Pablo (2nd ESO)!!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

ENGLISH WEEK: English pop songs

Time for Brit-Pop! Here are the English songs we´re going to listen to in class this week.

Our top-DJ Brokis (Cristian) prepared two awesome remixes for two absolute classics of contemporary UK-pop/rock. The soundtrack for your holiday party? ENJOY 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

ENGLISH WEEK: A butcher´s on Cockney

The English Week has started. Here´s one of our classroom activities: Learning how to speak perfect Cockney, the funny East London dialect. Enjoy!!!